Yeh Dosti Durban Curry

Welcome To Yeh Dosti

Yeh Dosti is a fast food take-away specialising in Indian food which is uniquely from Durban, South Africa. Indians from various parts of their native sub-continent have lived in South Africa for over 150 years and have over this time developed a taste for a unique style of curry which is distinctly different from curry anywhere else. 

Yeh Dosti tries to faithfully and authentically serve Durban’s legendary Bunny Chow in Cape Town. The Bunny Chow is a dish invented out of the need to quickly and conveniently serve a curry to go. It’s quite simply a hollowed bread loaf filled with curry. It’s origins remain uncertain with a few people staking claim to its invention. What is certain though, is that it’s a firm favourite in the Zulu kingdom province. 

Yeh Dosti also pays homage to vintage Bollywood which has played a role in keeping Indian culture alive in South Africa. Even the shops name is borrowed from the song from the iconic movie ‘Sholay’ staring Amithab Bachan and Amjad Khan. The shop is also a subtle tribute to Indians long history in South Africa.